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Paper Pleaser: Stunning Suites from a Local Artist

Taking inspiration from California’s diverse landscape, stationery designer Amber Moon’s creations make a stunning first impression for the big day.

Moon incorporated personal elements into a L.A. couple’s invitation suite, including a graphic of their beloved dog, Aldo 

Watercolor. Art deco. Jewel tones. There’s no doubt that trends dictate many aspects of a wedding—everything from a tiny favor to the overall theme can be affected. But when it comes to invitations, L.A.-based Amber Moon believes that a couple’s personality­—and the places they love—should lead the charge. “The thing that’s so cool about California is the geographic diversity. People getting married out here really love the land and identify with it,” she says. “That becomes a jumping-off point.” Describing a couple getting married in Big Sur, she says: “They’ve got cool blankets in the back of their pickup; they take time to camp and hike on the weekends and have big furry dogs.” To reflect that sentiment, Moon would consider using handmade paper, letterpress and graphic elements that reflect the outdoors. “I would not pitch a lot of metallic foil,” says the L.A.-based former architect, who creates a variety of custom goods for the big day. “There are so many interesting ways to showcase the couple, from their escort display to the menu to the signage. That’s the part that I’ve never lost architecturally.” Prices upon request 

For another local pair, Moon emphasized California pride with seed packets and a vintage-style save-the-date postcard donning the state flower.