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San Diego Features

Priyanka Chopra Baywatch
Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra gets real about how she went from aeronautical engineer in training to beauty queen to film star—and why high heels and her turn in "Baywatch" cemented her feminism.
Josh Turney and Victoria Vulaj turn their dreams into reality by opening Deja Vu Audio West.
Carl Schroeder of MARKET Restaurant + Bar
The MARKET Restaurant + Bar chef chats about his local favs.
The Marine Room
In San Diego’s evolving sea of trendy new hangouts, a handful of time-tested classics still reign supreme. These beloved staples have been open and booming for more than 50 years—and for good reason. Time to kick it old-school.
Seven Grand
Whether you prefer scotch, bourbon or rye, pick your poison at one of these whiskey-driven locales.